No More Mr. Nice Guy – Robert Glover

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No More Mr. Nice Guy, written by Robert Glover, is a book that has helped thousands of men improve their lives and relationships. It was originally published as an e-book in 2003 and quickly became a media phenomenon. The book addresses the issue of “Nice Guy Syndrome” which is when men avoid conflicts and put others’ needs before their own in order to be liked or accepted.

The book provides readers with a plan for getting what they want out of life, love, sex, and relationships. It focuses on helping men become more assertive and confident in their interactions with others. It also encourages them to take responsibility for their own happiness instead of relying on others to make them happy.

No More Mr. Nice Guy provides practical advice on how to break free from the cycle of being too nice and not getting what you want out of life. It covers topics such as setting boundaries, developing self-esteem, overcoming fear of rejection, improving communication skills, and learning how to say no without feeling guilty or ashamed.

Dr. Robert Glover
Dr. Robert Glover

The book also helps readers identify the root causes behind why they may have developed “Nice Guy Syndrome” in the first place. It teaches them how to recognize unhealthy patterns in their behavior so they can make changes that will lead to healthier relationships with themselves and others.

Overall, No More Mr. Nice Guy is an invaluable resource for any man looking to improve his life and relationships by becoming more assertive and confident in his interactions with others. By following the advice outlined in this book, readers can learn how to set boundaries, develop self-esteem, overcome fear of rejection, improve communication skills, and learn how to say no without feeling guilty or ashamed—all while still remaining true to themselves and their values.